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Chandelure Painting by AmethystDragon13 Chandelure Painting :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 11 1 One Epic Guy (Markiplier) by AmethystDragon13 One Epic Guy (Markiplier) :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 24 3 the girl with the pearl earrings by AmethystDragon13 the girl with the pearl earrings :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 2 0 #MarkiHawk by AmethystDragon13 #MarkiHawk :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 6 0
Fantasies or Reality?
Hopeless fantasies I dream,
Surrounded by white walls I sleep,
Dreams can come true,
Yet when?
Trapped in a teenage body,
My mind of childish wishes,
Won’t compete to the endless sphere.
Dismal days I think to myself,
As a troll under the bridge,
Or locked in a dark tower to hide.
As a sapling before I grew,
Sunshine and rainstorms fight around me,
And the river never left my face so red,
Still, the fight goes on.
I feel weak when the past pick on me.
Music tells stories I want to hear,
So I can listen to tales like my own,
But please don’t let me tell,
I’m mute, I speak like a siren.
The glass of truth I see through my life,
Shows that fair face,
Then why do I feel foul?
To my caring Guardian I’ll always be fair,
The blush pulls my smile,
I wish it didn’t.
Some things I dare not say,
Or I’ll be trapped in shadows.
Love doesn’t want to meet me,
We’ve play hide and seek since my birth.
I guess I’ll wait for death,
Though I dis
:iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 1 2
Markiplier Slime Rancher feat.Kirby? by AmethystDragon13 Markiplier Slime Rancher feat.Kirby? :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 33 7 Who that Pokemon? by AmethystDragon13 Who that Pokemon? :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 7 5 The Fault in our Stars by AmethystDragon13 The Fault in our Stars :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 6 7 Red Rose by AmethystDragon13 Red Rose :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 2 0 My Inner Chimera by AmethystDragon13 My Inner Chimera :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 1 3 Sugar Plum by AmethystDragon13 Sugar Plum :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 1 4 Ashley Grimm (Ever After High OC) Not Colored by AmethystDragon13 Ashley Grimm (Ever After High OC) Not Colored :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 2 4
Script Assignment NBC Parody
Script Assignment
Nightmare Before Leprechauns Attack
Characters: Jack, Patrick (King of Leprechauns),
Patty (King’s Assistant), Narrator, Citizens of Halloween Town.
Act 1 [Camera set slowly, circling around the mysterious woods of Holidays Doors, and a voice comes into the woods…..]
Narrator: Twas a long time ago, well 19 years ago that a certain skeleton king saves Christmas, now
You probably know this story too well as I do, but what if he never went to the Christmas
Town? Now I say its time you hear the rejected tale.
Narrator voice exit
[Jack appears. Walking to the woods with a wonder]
Jack: What is this place? He stops in the middle, camera follows Jack’s view, trying to figure
what door to go to. Then he finds it. Gasp. He is looking at the Clover one. He goes over to it
opens the door and fall… Whoooaaaaahh he continues to scream and spin until he landed. As he
stops spinning he looks at the place he was at and was amazed by what he saw. The land was
:iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 0 5
Fennekin QR code 4 Shirt by AmethystDragon13 Fennekin QR code 4 Shirt :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 2 0 Fennekin QR code 3 Shirt by AmethystDragon13 Fennekin QR code 3 Shirt :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 1 0 Fennekin QR code 2 Shirt by AmethystDragon13 Fennekin QR code 2 Shirt :iconamethystdragon13:AmethystDragon13 0 0


The Crook + The Prince (Viktor Nikiforov X Reader)
You tapped your feet nervously on the floor as you watched more people board the plane ahead of you. You hated flying more than anything else in the world, but it was the only way to get where you needed to go. You jumped as your phone buzzed. 'Let me know when you land in Japan, I want to come pick you up at the airport myself'. 'That's right,' you thought, 'I'm doing this for him'. Your section was called, you grabbed your backpack and got ready for your approximately nine and a half hour flight. Normally you'd try to keep yourself as distant from Viktor's world as possible, it was what caused you to to get into a fight with him the last time you were together in person. Above all of that you still loved him though. For whatever reason you couldn't seem to refuse this offer; whether it was because you just really missed him, the job offer interested you, or you just wanted to see Japan for the first time you weren't entirely sure. You pulled your book out of your bag and began
:icontakingontheworld:takingontheworld 111 15
Rare Moments || N x Reader
N was laying peacefully under a shady tree, he was quiet beside his soft purrs that escaped his throat, which were caused by you while caressing his green locks.
His cap was lying beside him while head was resting on your lap softly as you ran your finger through his soft as silk, light green hair.
It was so long and not damaged, it made you wonder how he managed to keep it so good and healthy.
Putting this thought aside, you smiled lovingly at the sight of N.
It had been a while since you two had such a peaceful moment because of Team Plasma and all that jazz.
Your strokes started to slow down as your mind and eyes drifted off into the woods until they finally stopped.
N slowly opened his blue eyes and the first thing he saw was your face, which showed that you were deep in thoughts.
"Why did you stop?"
Snapping out of your daydream, you looked back to the young adult and saw his usual smile as he reached up with his left hand to brush his fingertips over your right cheek.
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 793 166
Sidon BOTW by FeatherNotes Sidon BOTW :iconfeathernotes:FeatherNotes 254 13 Prince Sidon by Suneia Prince Sidon :iconsuneia:Suneia 566 32 Sidon the Prince by Anti-Dark-Heart Sidon the Prince :iconanti-dark-heart:Anti-Dark-Heart 731 70 Sheik .nsfw avilable. by sakimichan Sheik .nsfw avilable. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,450 520 Sesshomaru by sakimichan Sesshomaru :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,978 950 Manly Riku .NSFW available by sakimichan Manly Riku .NSFW available :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,806 433 Saber .NSFW avilable. by sakimichan Saber .NSFW avilable. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,266 295 Tharja .nude/NSFW optional. by sakimichan Tharja .nude/NSFW optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,460 206 Rosalina by sakimichan Rosalina :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 24,376 670 Peachy by sakimichan Peachy :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 23,683 791 Lucina by sakimichan Lucina :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,050 343 Camilla .NSFW optional. by sakimichan Camilla .NSFW optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,531 240 Steven Universe Garnet by sakimichan Steven Universe Garnet :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,531 342 steven universe amethyst by sakimichan steven universe amethyst :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,552 639


53 deviations
Just want to say my 12 reasons i enjoy markiplier (since he got 12 million subs now. ) counting down from 12 to 1:

12. FNAF Videos (got me to sub to his channel after watching FNAF compilation 4

11…….he got a nice body im not gonna lie..*nervous chuckle (i would really say his smile always brighten my days on his videos)


9. the Funny posts he always shares with us :)

8. JUMPSCARES! and a little bit of his rages (except the ross level and i am bread *shivers scary mark*)

7. His Stupidity (im NOT saying he stupid but he does stupid things to make us laugh and have fun lol)

6. CHICA!!! (she soooo ADORABLE!…unless she does do a no no but still she cute )

5. The Awesome Videos he make! :) (and livestreams, despite the chatstream gets crazy)

4. Emotional videos that he makes gets me to cry….(idk it just really sentimental and very touching to watch those videos no matter how many times i cry.)

3.Any videos/Colabs/Projects he does with his friends always puts a smile on my face no matter waht they do :)

2.The Community. (I will say we get very crazy on his livechatstream BUT the community he made is awesome, most are nice comments, some crazy ideas for his RYC, and making new friends and being there for eachother. Its pretty cool.

and last but not least the number 1 reason..

1. Him overall. (i could say 12 million or more reason of why i enjoy Markiplier but it all sums down to him. Mark i know i’ve said it so many time on my comments on ur stuff, but you’re truly amazing, so caring, so goofy goober worthy kind of guy. Keep making yourself happy cause i know it makes me happy too and for others :). I hope one day i can meet u and give u a hug(not a bone crushing hug dont worry) Congrats on ur 12M Subs dude, the number itself does matter but i think what matters more is that how many people care, support, and/or inspired because of you. :) we love you Mark…keep being you and never lose site of that…:)


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Ashley Grim
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hi My Name Ashley Grim , A college student and I love to do artworks. I love to Draw since I was little and now. So I hope u guys who check my stuff like my art works and some of my photos that I might put on here. :) Remember Anything can Be Art!

So I guess I can tell stuff about me. Well like I said I love to draw since I was little. I used to have coloring books, so many crayons, colored pencils, and markers. I was a creative girl, but sometimes my creative minds get me into trouble. Weird huh? Didn't think art can get you into troubles, well it did to me. Anyway as I grew up I learn more and draw more (sometimes).

Usually I get excited when I do any type of art work at school when it involves art. I have to admit I had competitions, and I learned we all do and it only matters what your good at.

Right now im attending Community College, I dont have a job at the moment but i do a little helping on AbdallahSmash026 channel by being a Mod to his livestreams since September 2015.

Now I get more inspirations of things I like and hopefully when I grow up I want to become an Artist like I am now. Keep imaginations and pencils/pens/etc. Working!


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